My name is Kelly, welcome to my blog. I enjoy a manner of things including cats, cosplay, baking, crochet, arts and crafts, the blood of innocents and long walks on the beach. I also like to think I'm funny.


I know I haven’t updated my tumblr in a little over forever and I guess I owe a little explanation. I’ve answered in some notes to some friends but if those of you who are still following me were curious I’ve been going through some very severe mental medical procedures. I don’t care to go into details but I’ve been going to doctors and have lost quite a few friends in the process, but have gained many as well. 

I have been incredibly unstable and unwell. 

I would like to openly apologize to anyone and everyone if I promised you something and I failed to give it to you, or talk to you etc. I have been switching medication and doctors very rapidly over the past year and tumblr has honestly been to negative for me.

This is not an open and caring environment and the amount of hatred and malcontent on this site is sickening. I will continue to post cosplay pictures and I will come back to post every once and a while but I will only use this as a small outlet. Thank you for your patience with me and again I’m incredibly sorry for my absence. 

mrsassypants asked
What is the one place you would like to be right now?

Somewhere by the sea. Somewhere not stressful. Somewhere I can here birds and waves. Somewhere I’m away from people except a select few. Somewhere I can collect glass on a beach and swim in the ocean. Not here.

the-sharpie-klepto asked
You are super duper cool :DD

awwww thank you!!! so are you for taking the time to send me this message! this made my day!



Remember rumples! Our January meet is coming up this weekend on the 18th and will be held at the Lloyd center mall!! We will go ice skating again and have lots of fun! We will meet in the food court at noon!

-mod syo


He was thinking about maaaaaybe going in to get his feet wet.

…but NOPE.


It’s your reflection Mara, not a new friend. Sorry.


It’s your reflection Mara, not a new friend. Sorry.